Data Protection

Misconception of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Many businesses using cloud-based environments such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace assume their email and data are automatically backed up by Microsoft or Google; That their data can quickly be restored because it is “in the cloud.” Unfortunately that is not the case at all. Microsoft and Google are not in the backup business. When you delete that file or empty your recycle bin, these cloud platforms only hold your data for a limited time.

Ransomware or malicious file manipulation can permanently destroy files in any cloud environment. Data loss from ransomware, phishing attacks, rogue employees or accidental deletion can have devastating effects on your business.

Wulf IT offers a full spectrum of backup products:

  • Computer Workstation and/or Server Backup – Direct to Cloud
    • AutoVerify ensures backups are always recoverable
    • Flexible backup Schedules as often as every 15 minutes
    • Ransomware protection and AirGap to protect your data from attackers
    • Near-instant virtualization locally and in the cloud
    • Appliance-free with Direct-to-Cloud
    • Ability to restore individual files or whole device
  • Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
    • Email Archiving – Archiving is a step before backup – Your messages are archived as they are received by the email server
    • Microsoft 365
      • Outlook – Mailboxes including shared mailboxes
      • SharePoint – All sites and libraries
      • OneDrive – All users
      • Contacts, Calendars and Tasks
      • Groups and Teams
    • Google Workspace
      • Gmail
      • Shared Drive
      • My Drive
      • Contacts, Calendars and Tasks

All products offered are secure and HIPAA compliant

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