Summer Phishing

Phishing is the most common scam tactic reported to the FBI. Yet many people cannot confidently identify a phishing email. These methods become more sophisticated every day, and even the savviest person can be duped. Taking a quick online course can help – for a brief moment. And just like learning a new language, you can read about it, and say a few phrases, but nothing will teach you like being immersed in that language daily.

What is Catch Phish?

Catch Phish works in that same way as successfully learning a new language. This supplemental email analysis and training tool is available to upgraded programs. It works via an integrated button that allows users to send an email for analysis before they click on any malicious links.  After waiting a few moments for analysis, the results provide highlighted alerts that are based on the SLAM methodology.  The SLAM is an acronym for Sender, Links, Attachments, and Message details.

The user is provided with details that show what was flagged within the system. And perhaps more importantly, why it was flagged.  Built-in ongoing training that provides real-time results with real-time scenarios.  Additionally, the (quarantined) emails can then be forwarded to the ticketing system. 

We then take learning one step further by providing the employee with educational videos and training tips and options.  Their reward for “catching phish” is an increase in their employee security score. AND knowing that they didn’t expose their business to cybercrime!

If you want to learn more about our Catch Phish solution, and how we can help you relax this summer – contact us today.  We want it to be your best yet! Don’t let any cyber criminal be the ‘one that got away’. Let’s bring the easy breezy summer days and let Catch Phish be a part of your cybersecurity stack or as we call it, your ‘stackle box’.